How to Build a Personal Brand When You Have Multiple Businesses

How to Build a Personal Brand When You Have Multiple Businesses

As a “multi-preneur,” or someone that owns multiple businesses, developing a personal brand can feel challenging. What company should you promote? Does promoting multiple businesses at a time cause confusion for your audiences? How do you establish a balance of content posting? What if the businesses are wildly different from one another?

These are the most frequently asked questions from our personal branding clients who own and operate a variety of businesses. In fact, behind “lack of time,” “owning multiple businesses and managing multiple messages,” is the most popular reason executives and entrepreneurs hire us to help them scale their personal brand.

The good news? It’s totally doable, and when done correctly, building one personal brand can actually increase the equity in all of your corporate brands.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to do it…

1. First, find the commonality in all of your businesses.

A good first step, especially if you own businesses that span multiple industries, is to answer this question for each business you own or have equity in:

“WHY am I involved in this business?”

Let’s take the case of one of our clients, a former OBGYN who owns a medical spa and laser center, a medical cannabis dispensary, a cannabis product line, and wrote a book (yeah, she’s a complete slacker….)

Here’s why she was involved in each business:

  1. Medical Spa and Laser Center: After working in women’s health for 20 years, she saw how concerned women were with healthy aging. She opened the spa to help women feel confident and beautiful as they age.
  2. Medical Cannabis Dispensary: As a progressive doctor hailing from Seattle, she wanted to help educate and influence society’s perception of cannabis as an effective treatment option for those who felt hopeless with more traditional medicine.
  3. Cannabis product line: After working in the cannabis dispensary, she noticed that women felt particularly uncomfortable using some of the products and she wanted to empower them to try cannabis by creating a discreet and appealing experience.
  4. Authoring a book: The book was the story of how her years of working in medicine led her to open a medical spa, dispensary, and cannabis product line, so other women could notice that you don’t always follow a linear path to success, and you should just get out there and try.

On the surface, one may say that her businesses are diverse in their industries and in their models, however, you can clearly see that after exploring WHY she is involved in each business, underlying themes start to emerge, those being: empowering women and advocating for people to take ownership in life, whether it’s regarding their health and their career.

2. Once you find the common thread that links your personal motivations and each business together, start to craft your personal brand statement.

A personal brand statement, like an elevator pitch or unique selling proposition, is a one or two-sentence overview of who you are and what you are all about. Again, when you do a LOT of things, this can feel near impossible. Let’s stick with the example above. After we kept pulling the string that linked all of this client’s businesses together, we crafted the following personal brand statement:

I am a doctor and entrepreneur committed to empowering women to powerfully own their health and their ambitions.

3. Break out your titles.

Once you have developed your overarching branding statement or your WHY, you can spell out your “What’s” (that is your multiple titles) below. This starts to create your “brand hierarchy.”

Following our example, visually, the brand hierarchy would look like this:

Doctor and entrepreneur committed to empowering women to powerfully own their health and their ambitions.

Founder of PuraVida Medical Spa | Founder/Medical Director of Greenhouse Wellness| Founder of Blissiva Cannabis | Author of High Heals

4. Start breaking out your content buckets.

Once you map out your overarching brand statement (your why) and your brand titles (your what’s), you can flesh out your content buckets (your how’s).

In the case of our client above, her content would start falling into the following buckets:

  • Medical Spa Innovations and Practices
  • Cannabis Innovation and Education
  • Product Launches
  • Book Tours and Speaking Engagements

Now, left unchecked, this content may seem haphazard and conflicting, right? One focus may start to cannibalize another. This is why the personal branding statement is so important. Every time we post for her, we make sure the captions and the content are connecting back to her “why.” We are reiterating, and reiterating again, and reiterating again and again, WHY we are posting this content and how it links together. So, instead of just posting a picture of a new cannabis pen with its launch date, we’d post the picture and say how this cannabis pen will help women control their anxiety without feeling dazed and confused so they can still manage their family. Everything is posted against the backdrop of her common theme:

I am a doctor and entrepreneur committed to empowering women to powerfully own their health and their ambitions.

5. Map out your values.

Your values shape who you are, who you socialize with, what you prioritize and more. They are what help round out your personal brand beyond your businesses. So, let’s say our client above had these core values:

  1. Wisdom
  2. Adventure
  3. Family
  4. Community

We’d also post about these aspects of her life. Wisdom can be used to inform her audience which books and podcasts she’s listening to about healthcare innovation. Adventure guides us in posting her travels and all the exciting places she’s going. Pictures of her children’s college graduations show she cares about her family and posts showing her co-working space for other female entrepreneurs and hosting events underscores her value of community.

When documented clearly, values humanize your personal brand beyond the pursuits of your businesses and show further synchronicity in your life and your endeavors.

Managing multiple brands under your personal brand, while seemingly overwhelming, doesn’t have to be messy. Like anything, with the proper documentation and systems, your personal brand can actually fuel growth for ALL of your business properties. That is, the more your personal brand equity increases, the more your multiple business brands’ equity increases.

Stuck on how to do this?

Drop a line below with the challenges you’ve been facing. Want expert help in guidance? Schedule a discovery call with us here.

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