Scaling Your Expertise Through Team Building

Scaling Your Expertise Through Team Building

This is the second part of a three-part series about scaling your expertise and personal brand. If you haven’t already, I’d advise reading the first part here.

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been writing a lot about scaling your expertise and your personal brand. However, doing this can prove difficult for a lot of folks. After all, the resource you’re trying to scale (yourself) is finite.

Sure, you can come up with systems and policies and package out your expertise, but at the end of the day, when a conference organizer wants someone to speak, YOU are the one who’s doing it, because YOU know more about your area of expertise than anyone on your team.

Not-so-ironically, however, building a team is critical to giving you the bandwidth to do these things. Why? Because…

You can’t become a known expert on one thing if your days are comprised of doing 150 things.

You may be thinking “duh,” but follow me as I run you through this…

You see, when I work with people on their personal brands, it’s quite obvious to them that they shouldn’t engage in opportunities that run counter to their defined area of expertise. We train clients to make choices based on the question, “Does this bring clarity and momentum to my brand, or does it erode the message I’m trying to convey?”

It’s super simple to make these decisions in an external manner. For example, if someone asked one of my personal branding clients who specializes in financial planning for divorced women with a high net worth to appear on a podcast targeted to male real estate investors, the answer would be a resounding “this runs counter to the brand and the answer is no.”

But the trickier thing is saying no to the internal opportunities you face every day in your business. If your day is largely comprised of tracking down payments, creating social media graphics, scheduling meetings, etc., you could argue that you’re eroding the opportunity to develop your expertise and your brand in the exact same way as the podcast example. However, many people don’t say “no” to doing these things. They just do it because it’s their business and it needs to be done and they don’t even consider the hit their growth is taking because of it.

The more things you commit to, even if those things are internal in your own business, the less time you spend honing your expertise and cultivating opportunities that will grow your brand and your business. And that’s truly something ONLY you can do. Everything else, you can likely outsource.

Are you an expert in bookkeeping or email campaigns? How about project management? If not, don’t let these tasks eat up the precious time you could be spending everyday building the thing that actually matters—your expertise and your opportunities that are in alignment with that expertise.

I talk to Pamela Lewerenz, Founder at The Brick Wall Coach, about how to start effectively building an outsourced team so you can offload daily tasks that are chipping away at your growth potential. She covers how to find these professionals. We also cover three things you should never outsource as you look to scale your expert brand and business.

Of course, to take the necessary actions to transform your business, there are a few beliefs you need to examine first. Why? Because even if you know exactly what to do, if you don’t have the right mindset, you won’t actually follow through and do them. Fortunately, Pam has provided a free E-Book, “Crushing the Lies That Limit Your Business,” here for you.

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